June 1, 2019

The scrap metal industry is one of the most misunderstood industries in the world. At Moffatt Scrap Iron & Metal Inc., we realize that many people — including some of our customers — may not know very much about our industry.

The scrap metal industry is essential to the environment, the economy, and more. Below, we’ve outlined some facts about the scrap metal industry that you might not know:

1. Scrap metal is essential for making most of today’s products.

The scrap metal recycling industry is not new. In fact, metal has been recycled for over 150 years, and many of today’s products are dependent on recycled metals for regular production. Most steel products in your home, for example, contain from 25 to 100 percent recycled steel.

2. Scrap metal contributes to our economic growth.

Recycling scrap metal contributes to economic growth in a few ways. First, recycling scrap metal costs less than it does to produce and mine new metals. But that’s just the beginning; scrap metal facilities employ people locally in our communities, creating more jobs than would exist if metals were simply taken to the landfill.

3. Loads of recycled scrap metal cannot be contaminated.

Many of our customers are concerned about whether recycled metals can be contaminated with dangerous gases or other materials. In fact, there are very high standards for loads of recycled scrap metals. These loads cannot be contaminated in any way or they will not be accepted by mills or foundries.

Items like propane tanks, welding torches, and helium tanks are not recyclable, so these and other high-pressure cylinders that may contain harmful chemicals will not be accepted.

4. The scrap metal industry is held to high environmental standards in Canada.

The scrap metal industry in Canada is overseen by the Environmental Activity and Sector Registry (EASR), which sets forth many sub-environmental statutes to regulate the scrap metal industry.

These statutes include regulations around noise pollution, air pollution, dirt, and more. Moffatt Scrap Metal & Iron Inc. is proud to take this environmental responsibility very seriously and we apply it to all areas of our business.

5. You can make money on scrap metal.

Many people are unaware that you can earn money from recycling scrap metal. While many of us take aluminum cans to be recycled, you may not be aware that you have other recyclables around your home that can be sold to us.

Instead of taking scrap metals from construction or landscaping projects to the landfill, bring them to us and we will pay you for them.

6. Scrap metal has many uses in different industries.

Scrap metal has many useful applications, and can be found in:

  • Roads and bridges
  • Car, aircraft, and transportation manufacturing
  • Container production
  • Appliances
  • Stronger tools
  • Metal furniture
  • Sculptures & wall hangings

We process and sort scrap metal so that it can be used for these products and more.

7. Recycling metal helps preserve natural resources.

Resources like metals are not unlimited and, as such, recycling scrap metal is important if we want to help to preserve these precious natural resources. Instead of continuing to mine and deplete the supply of the earth’s metals, recycling scrap metal helps to limit the amount of mining required and conserves our natural resources.

If you want to learn more about Moffatt Scrap Iron & Metal Inc., or wish to know more about how you can sell us your scrap metal, contact our team today.

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