June 23, 2017

With summer in full-swing, you’ll be using a lot of the recreational items that you store in your garage. But this summer, take stock of what you don’t use, what’s old and rusted and what you could recycle.

• Freon-free air conditioners
• Aluminum window frames
• Aluminum siding
• Anything with a motor
• Barbecues
• Bicycles
• Boats
• Car batteries
• Car jacks
• Car parts
• Car rims
• Extension cords
• Exterior steel doors
• Fans & heaters
• Garage door openers
• Grates & air vents
• Gutters
• Heating ducts
• Lawn trimmers
• Lawnmowers
• Machinery
• Metal Ladders
• Old or broken tools and shovels
• Scooters
• Snowblowers
• Trailers
• Water tanks

Items to recycle from your garage from Moffatt Scrap Iron & Metal Inc Campbellville


At Moffatt Scrap Iron & Metal Inc., we take your old, used and rusted items and make sure they’re recycled properly. If you have any of these unused items in your garage, drop them off at your earliest convenience.

2 thoughts on “Are These Items Going Unused in Your Garage? Recycle Them!

  1. Very useful piece of info, a lot of people do not think about recycling about 50% of these items!

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