April 1, 2018

When you’re managing a building project, every moment that you are sidetracked by something that takes you away from the construction you are losing time and money.

Some project managers ask their crews to take care of every part of the job, including recycling the scrap metal, but contractors who employ professionals will save time and money.

Here are Moffatt Scrap Iron & Metal Inc.’s Top 5 Reasons You Can Increase Contracting Company Profitability with Metal Recycling:


#5- Flexibility and Convenience

Some recycling companies have a one-size fits all kind of mentality when it comes to handling your metal recycling — but not the team at Moffatt Scrap Iron & Metal Inc. We will take the time to find out what you need and provide you with the best solution to manage your waste. We will deliver the right size of bin for your worksite, and we’ll arrange to pick it up when it works best for your job site.

#4- On-Site Safety

One of the hazards on a construction site is the waste that is generated on site. Our bins are a great way to clean up your job site and protect the safety of your workers. Moffatt Scrap Iron & Metal Inc. will arrange to drop a bin, or as many bins as you require, in a safe and helpful location on your job site — our collection bins are there to help you, not get in your way.

Another way Moffatt Scrap Iron & Metal Inc. can help is by using our equipment to downsize, process, and remove larger items from your worksite. Items can include: structural beams, oversized equipment, trailers, transfer bins, etc. Our team is able to perform this service on your job site when it suits your schedule.

#3- Saves on Labour Costs

While you might think that it’s cheaper to do your own construction recycling, don’t be fooled. It takes a lot of time away from your day to sort through the metal, bring it to a scrapyard, get it weighed, and then wait to be paid. The professionals at Moffatt Scrap Iron & Metal Inc. will take care of all of this for you. Leaving this work to the experts will make your job easier, save you money on labour, and help to increase your productivity and profitability.

#2- Reduce Environmental Impact

Making sure that every part of your construction recycling is done properly can be a logistical nightmare, but it doesn’t have to be. As members of the Canadian Association of Recycling Industries, you can count on Moffatt Scrap Iron & Metal Inc. to recycle your ferrous and non-ferrous metal, in an environmentally responsible way. Your customers will also be pleased to know that the company they’ve hired is environmentally responsible.  

#1- Construction Recycling Pays

Best of all, recycling your scrap metal with Moffatt Scrap Iron & Metal Inc. can really pay off. We use accurate and Ministry inspected scales, which means we will pay you for every ounce of metal you give us. Our itemized statements let you quickly see what you’ve sold us, and we pay fair prices for scrap metal on the spot, in cash or by cheque.

Contact Moffatt Scrap Iron & Metal Inc. today and get our construction recycling bin and equipment working for you and your business.

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