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At Moffatt Scrap Iron & Metal Inc., we are pretty vocal about the environmental benefits of metal recycling. We are proud of our ability to divert resources from landfills, ensure our products are recycled for reuse, and help contribute to a cleaner environment through our recycling and sustainable processes.

Recycling metals drastically reduces the need for new metal production. Currently, 45% of steel production, 40% of copper production and 33% of aluminum production is from recycled metal.

But how much energy does recycling metal save? It depends on the metal:

Energy Savings:

• Aluminum – 95%
• Copper – 85%
• Steel – 74%
• Zinc – 60%
• Lead – 65%

In addition to energy savings, recycling metals also results in the following CO2 savings:

• Aluminum – 92%
• Copper – 65%
• Ferrous – 58%
• Nickel – 90%
Zinc – 76%
• Lead – 99%
• Tin – 99%

Recycling is essential for a sustainable economy and reduces greenhouse gases, produces less energy and maximizes the use of our limited natural resources.

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