December 6, 2016

In Canada, copper is widespread although it is only mined in a few locations based on how profitable a given spot can be.

British Columbia is the largest copper-producing province to date, with Ontario falling closely behind. With copper mining happening so close to home, are you aware of the impact it has on the environment?

Copper mining can negatively impact our immediate environment in a multitude of ways. The chemicals that are used during the mining process can contaminate the soil, groundwater and surface water. The mining process can even cause erosion and the formation of sinkholes.

In addition to the immediate effects of copper mining on soil and water, there also tends to be a significant loss of biodiversity in areas where copper mining occurs.

Recycling copper can help reduce these environmental effects and helps lower the use of energy used during production. Moffatt Scrap Iron & Metal Inc. recycles copper on a regular basis with the hope that we can help promote a more sustainable and greener environment.

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